So you’re ready to sell?

Whether it’s a sudden change or a planned move, we get it, selling your home can feel difficult and overwhelming, and we’re here to help expertly guide you every step of the way. 

There are a few things every seller should do before they list:

Take a Peek Around Your Home
Picture this: you’re pulling into your driveway as usual, but this time you’re considering buying it. What catches your eye first? Maybe it’s the bright flowers in your front yard or the freshly painted fence that screams “welcome home.” These little details are what potential buyers will notice too, so it’s time to amp up that curb appeal! If the front door needs a new mat or coat of paint, now is the time. Are the kids’ toys strewn all over the yard? Find a new home for them!

As you step inside your home, channel your inner HGTV host and evaluate each room like it’s being featured on a home makeover show. Take note of what shines and what could use a little TLC—it’s all part of the adventure! Make sure that excess clutter is removed from all rooms, things like pet beds are stored when not in use, etc. 

Clear Out the Clutter and Shine It Up
Clutter is like background noise that distracts from your beautiful space and decluttering is so important to a show ready home. Separate the must-haves from the “why do I still have this” items, and go ahead and pack away anything you won’t need during this time – it will make your home look better and has to be done anyway. Trust us, a clutter-free home not only looks bigger but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that buyers will fall in love with. 

In addition to decluttering, a pre-list deep clean goes a long way. From professional carpet cleaning to polishing every nook and cranny, think of it as giving your home a VIP treatment. Don’t forget the exterior; a power wash can work wonders, turning heads as potential buyers drive by. A clean home isn’t just visually appealing—it shows that you’ve cared for every detail, making it irresistible to buyers.

Fixer-Upper Time
Channel your inner contractor, because it’s fixer-upper time! Those little repairs that you’ve been putting off? Now’s the time to take care of them. Patch up that leak in the roof, touch up the paint on the stairwell walls, and fix those squeaky doors with some WD-40. Buyers appreciate a well-maintained home, and these types of small fixes can make a big difference in their decision-making process. Plus, it’s a great excuse to break out the toolbox and unleash your DIY superhero skills!

Sunshine and Show Ready
Get ready to show off your home in its best light! Open those blinds, turn on all the lights, and let your home shine (and see what needed updates become illuminated). Remember – less is more when it comes to personal items—think minimalist chic meets cozy comfort. When it comes to your furry friends, just make sure their areas are clean, tidy, and odor-free. If possible, move litter boxes to the garage and open the windows to air out any lingering smells while you’re getting your home ready. 

If you’re ready to sell and would like customized suggestions on how you can make your home stand out in today’s market, reach out to us today!