Meet Jessica and Rudy, the dynamic duo whose love story started at East Carolina University (coincidentally, where they also met Kate). Hailing from Raleigh and New Bern (just a two hour drive from the Triangle!), respectively, they found their way back to the area in 2016 after some globe-trotting adventures. Their first date, watching “The Hunger Games” from the front row (thanks to tardiness), set the tone for their shared journey—adventurous, spontaneous, and full of laughter.

Their passions? Family, friends, cooking, and staying active. They love cooking anything in the Defined Dish cookbook, and say the Carne Asada tacos are a family favorite! Jessica, a produce wholesaler for the family business at Ward’s Produce, finds solace in reading and leisurely walks, while Rudy, in software sales, loves hitting the golf course and the gym.

Joey, their 20-month-old bundle of energy, and Tally, their beloved 14-year-old fur baby are also huge fans of their home. It’s not just a house; it’s an oasis where memories are made and laughter echoes through the halls. From adding an accent wall to reinforcing the foundation (exciting stuff, right?), they’ve put their stamp on every corner.

Their favorite spot in their home? The master bedroom, a true retreat from the chaos of daily life. And let’s not forget the playroom, now adorned with the comfiest couch—the family’s latest hangout hub.

It’s not just the house that makes their hearts sing. Nestled in Raleigh’s vibrant community of Windsor Woods, they’ve discovered a treasure trove of amenities. From lakeside strolls at Greystone Lake to convenient walks to Target, Chick-fil-A, Bottle Rev, and Sola Coffee (who wouldn’t want to be in walking distance to THOSE spots?!), they’ve embraced the neighborhood with open arms.

While it’s not as close anymore, Tazza Kitchen will always hold a special place in their hearts, especially for date nights. Weekends are for friends and family, whether it’s whipping up a storm in the kitchen or spending time at friend’s homes. When they’re not eating in, you can often find them at Sola, savoring Saturday morning breakfast or indulging in the delicious delights at Winston’s Grille.

As Christmas enthusiasts, the holiday season holds a special allure, but every day in their new home feels like a celebration. They told us “We loved working with Kate and we feel so fortunate to be in our house making memories with our daughter!”

In the end, it’s not just about the house; it’s about the love, laughter, and adventures shared within its walls. And for Jessica, Rudy, and their sweet family, the journey is just beginning.



                                                                                                                   photos by @annakaitphoto