Jadee is a true local, growing up in the Cary/Apex area, never having left! On the other hand, Ryan, with roots stretching from Las Vegas to Massachusetts and many stops in between (that’s military life!), thankfully found his way back to Cary, and eventually Jadee. Their love story bloomed when they crossed paths while working part-time gigs with their official date taking place at trivia night at JD’s TavernJadee says “we were acting as if we had known each other our whole lives. Our relationship, our marriage & its strength is built on a strong foundation of love, friendship, & laughter. He could make me laugh during a tornado.” Could they be any sweeter?! Today Jadee is an HR Compliance Specialist, and Ryan is a Project Manager in multifamily construction. 

Ryan loves woodworking, home improvement, and video games and Jadee is into self-care and shopping, yet they share mutual passions for family time and exploring new places. Whether it’s walks around Lake Crabtree or planning future camping and kayaking adventures, Jadee and Ryan are all about creating lasting memories with their two adorable daughters, Sophia Rose and Maci Lynn.

In 2023, they found their dream home on the Raleigh-Durham line, a central hub that’s just a stone’s throw away from everything they need and love. From the cozy kitchen (Jadee considers it the “heart of their home”) to the open floor plan and social seating in their living room, their home truly reflects their warmth and hospitality. Built in 2021, their home additions/ upgrades have just been for fun. They have done the typical painting and decorating, added cabinetry to the laundry room, and Ryan built custom floating shelves for their coffee bar, & they are working on landscaping the backyard.

Outside their front door, they love that their neighborhood boasts welcoming walkways, a pool waiting for summer splashes, and are thrilled to be in a community that embraces their furry friends, Winnie, Dakota, and Dexter, with open arms. When they’re not cooking in the kitchen or lounging in the family room, Jadee and Ryan have enjoyed exploring the local area – from local eateries like the Angus Barn to the upcoming hotspot, Topgolf, being built just 5 minutes away. They also sing high praises for My Little Farmer in Durham where Sophia had her recent cat themed birthday party! 

We asked Jadee and Ryan what feedback they have on the team or the process and they said “The process that we avoided for years due to “waiting for the right time” or for fear of the unknown & the stress that comes with it, etc. was SO painless thanks to Carlton Realty Co. We loved & trusted working with everyone the team recommended. We felt informed & looped in. We closed in 30 days, and it was such an easy process. We always recommend Kate & her entire team (this includes her recommendations) to everyone we know that is looking into buying or selling their home because it truly was the best experience.

The day we closed on our home Sophia was coming down with a cold & did not want to take photos. Kate offered to come back to take more pics if we weren’t happy with the ones we got – something that may seem so small but is a testament to the customer service & a great impression that did not leave! From the way she consulted with me early in the process, when everything on our end was so unsure, then to the very end at closing – it’s clear Kate has a heart for service & only works with those that are like minded & professional. When/if we are ready to start the home buying process again, Carlton Realty Co. is the ONLY OPTION for the McCutie Fam!”

Jadee, Ryan, and their fun family exemplify family, home, and community. Their story is a testament to the vibrant life waiting to be lived in the Raleigh-Durham area, where every corner holds the promise of new adventures and cherished memories. Cheers to the ‘McCutie Fam’ and many years ahead and in their beautiful home! 

    photos by @annakaitphoto